Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wall Flower by Stephen Chbosky

this book.
this is not a book you sit down and read for fun. it is not fluffy or light or silly. its one you read when you want to think and ponder and dissect human life. one you read when you want to feel and wonder.
the story follows Charlie, a Freshman in high school, who is looking to find his place in the world. its written in "letter format" (all letters are written to 'friend' from Charlie) and it was so beautifully simple yet so humanly complex that i couldn't put it down. i really loved all of the characters and connected with Charlie, the main character, almost immediately. he sounds like the type of kid i would try to be friends with. it was like he and i had an understanding throughout the whole book and it made my reading experience really great. there is no really story line, just bits and pieces of what happens to him in his life and how he deals with it. i looked up to him so much for a lot of what he did and cried for him when he was hurting or upset. he was just such a precious character that really, he made the whole book for me. i also loved the realistic side characters like Sam and Patrick and Bill. i loved who they were to Charlie and how things played out between them.

the pace of the book was great. i didn't ever find myself getting bored but also could put it down for a couple of days if i didn't have time to read and pick up right where i left off.
if you're looking for something different and are in the mood to just take a weekend and read a book, i'd recommend this one.
also, can i just say, i think the cast for this upcoming film is perfect? i couldn't get Logan Lerman (who plays Charlie) out of my head the entire time i was reading the book (not a bad thing!!).

*reader's digression is advised. there is cussing in this book. words such as the "f-word" are used a couple of times. it also discusses things that may be for a more mature audience such as child molestation, homosexuality and mental disorders. shortly put, the movie adaptation of this book is rated R.

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Emma Frances said...

I have only heard good things about this book and I can't wait to read it! And then see the movie! :]