brothers and ice cream.

hi, remember me? i used to write on this blog...
its been a really long time since i'd gotten my brothers dressed up and taken them out to have a "legit" (i don't know that my photography could be considered legit, but i digress) photo sesh so i decided to take advantage of what would have been the perfect weather (had it not been for the wind) and go down to a nifty little spot here in TX to snap some shots.

the boys did so good that afterwards, we decided to get some ice cream. normally i'd prefer froyo over ice cream any day, however, when it comes to coldstone. i die. there is not much better than coldstone creamery.

{cake batter ice cream with brownie and cookie dough. my absolute fave.
i got addicted to that particular mixture while i was in hair school and its satisfied me every since.}

{do you see any family resemblance?...}
overall it was a lovely weekend. happy monday, dears!

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Emma Frances said...

Your brothers are so cute!! I love these photos!! :) And yay for Coldstone!!! Mmm!