hello, jim sturgess.

a. i haven't blogged in forevs.
b. i went sugar free this week and at this moment in time i sort of feel like i want to stab someone with a rusty fork. i'm looking forward to the time when i no longer have these sugar cravings.
c. i'm going home for Thanksgiving in exactly 3 days. here i come, cousins!
and d. i found the above adorable picture of my love, jim sturgess, on tumblr tonight. love. love. love. no? (oh and that's why i haven't been blogging much. because i've been spending all of my time on tumblr. yes, i am addicted.)
♥ ♥


Emma Frances said...

Love this little catch-up post! And he is GORGEOUS! Mmmm! Also, sugar free?! What?! I hope you're not doing that over Thanksgiving! I would die!

BecomingKayli said...

Jim Sturgess, sing me to sleep please:)