a tour of le bloggity blog.

there are so many new faces around here (hi, guys!!), i thought i'd give a little tour of my pad. i also thought i'd make an announcement but that part will come later. but before i do any of that, can i just share a little tmi? i have a zit on my face and it is large and in charge. i mean, it is so large that it is in my peripheral vision when i look down. note to self: look up home remedies for eliminating big, huge, disgustingness on my face. 
and now, here are some tips for navigating my blog (because its soooo complicated. riiiiiiiiight.)
exhibit a:
my side bar.

exhibit b:
below the posties and a little more sidebarness.

well, that's about it. if you need a water/snack break or something from the extensive tour you were just given, i understand. you can take that break now.
okay, are you done? good. cause its announcement time. (no, the fact that i have a massive zit on my face was def not the announcement.) because of the lovely following i have incurred lately, i've decided to do a give away!! i know, i know. you all want to know when and what!
but that will have to wait until this weekend. so, stay tuned.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have some zit zapping to do.
♥ ♥

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Emma Frances said...

Woot! Woot! I can't wait for the giveaway! And I love the blog tour! I can totally see my little itty bitty picture in the Google Friends Connect picture! Haha. :]