part of your world.

i definitely grew up a disney kid. i remember being addicted to any and all disney movies. one of the earliest ones i remember really getting into was the little mermaid.
i loved scuttle, and the music and the story. i distinctly remember watching it over and over and over again singing along with the songs and quoting the lines.
i thought ariel's life was so magical living under the sea and falling in love with a human. and i loved her long, beautiful, red hair. *sigh*

what's the first disney movie you remember?

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Lauren said...

Apparently, when I was really little, like still considered a baby little, my parents took me to see the re-release of Snow White. They were worried that I'd be fussy, but I was enchanted the entire time. I LOVED Snow White, but then came Little Mermaid and I coveted her hair. I would say I coveted her voice as well, but I legitimately thought I sounded like her. But the movie that really got to me was Beauty and the Beast. Belle is still my fave!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i LOVED cinderella as a kid. and we watched dumbo every day when my sister was little. and i totally played little mermaid in the pool, pulling myself onto the side of the pool singing "part of your world"...it was AWESOME.

Miss Nesbit said...

I'll have to tell you my Little Mermaid story sometime. It's the most distinct memories I have of my childhood. I would have to agree with Lauren though, Belle is my favorite.

Meagan said...

Ariel was my absolute favourite of all the princesses. I had a pool growing up and my friends would fight over who got to be Ariel, so we always made variations on her name like Ah-riel (Jamaican accent style) or Ariella, haha. We also tied our ankles together to make fins and looking back on it, it seems borderline suicidal.