golden years.

hi.so, its august.
if you know me, you know that means: its my birthday month. if you don't know me then, well i don't need to repeat myself now do i?
but this year isn't just my *cough*26th*cough* birthday. its my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! so in honor of that and all things me (ha!), i thought i'd share a picture from each year that i've been alive. one a day until the day: august 26th.
congratulations everyone, you get to see me grow up.

so, i was born in 1985; the year the first mobile phone call was made, the year Michael Jackson purchased the entire Beatles catalogue (for 47 million buckaroos) and the year that everyone was tuning in to the Cosbys, Growing Pains and Baywatch. AIDS was also on the rise and TWA flight 847 was hijacked by terrorists.

none of that mattered to me, of course, as i was just a baby:

i was born in a hospital in utah to my mummy and dad and i was the first child, grandchild and niece in the entire family. so, naturally, i was spoiled rotten and it had everything to do with me being the first not how adorable i was...

knowing all that information should help you all have a marvelous monday.
if it doesn't then go watch this. that might help. or it might just creep you out...

xo's and o's, all!
♥ ♥


Miss Nesbit said...

WOOT! I'm so excited to see you grow up! Also yes... that movie was a bit creepy but I liked it anyway. :)

thekimbo said...

I haven't seen baby pictures of you! Ever. How can this be??