the execution of the smiley face.

from this day forward, never again will i type/text one of these bad boys: :)
the sheer sight of the dreaded colon and right side parenthesis makes me want to do anything but SMILE. if i cannot express myself properly without having to throw in a :) or two, then i am not very good at expressing myself now am i?
absolutely not.

you all have my word. no. more. :)'s. (i'll get to the lols later. one step at a time.)

you know who else would cringe if they knew i am using so many smiley faces in my daily correspondence with people?

on a completely unrelated note when it comes to these wretched things: :), who loves my Harry Potteresque that i'm rocking in this photo? i mean even the box that i'm sitting in to read resembles Harry's cupboard under the stairs.
don't worry, J.K. Rowling has already sent me a thank you letter for being her inspiration.

♥ ♥


Lauren said...

I hate emoticons. Seriously hate. When people, especially male people, send a smiley face in a text message or email to me, I reconsider the whole friendship. Harsh? Maybe, but there is something about those things that just make me feel weird.

Miss Nesbit said...

Love it! Also... I do tend to type 'lol" and ":)" a lot but usually only in text/IM form. I type normally the rest of the time... I think.

Alecia said...

i too, hate the smileys, yet i STILL DO THEM! i just want people to know i'm not mad, or that i'm saying it in a nice tone. i annoy myself, but i feel like i have to do it to express myself. i want to stop, maybe i will too....and yeah don't even get me started on lol!!