a date. {& probably the most random post EVER.}

over the weekend my brother turned 10. as the doting oldest sister i am, i take all of my siblings on one-on-one dates for their birthdays. in this case i took both of my youngest brothers out but they are best friends and basically inseparable and i quite enjoy both of their company so i considered it a treat for myself.
boo, the birthday boy, got to choose where we ate {applebees} and then i treated them to a flick as well {the smurfs - not my favorite movie in the world, but they enjoyed it and that's what's counts}.
we had fun and i can't think of two other boys i'd have rather spent my evening with.
raise your hand if you love poorly lit photos.
yeah, they're my fave too.
no but seriously why do all restaurant photos end up with an orange-y glow to them? how do i avoid that without using my horrendous flash? i'm just all about the natural light.

you know what else i'm all about? 1993.
1993 was the year i got baptized into my church and was also my last year living in Las Vegas, NV. i spent my last year there playing lots of Star Wars and X-Men with my friend, Matthew and my sister. and tuning into Dinosaurs every week.

 that was the life.
♥ ♥

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Miss Nesbit said...

Cute pics! I don't know how to not get the orangey glow, but I'm sure it's the crappy lighting in the restaurant, oh, excuse me "mood lighting". Also... Dinousaurs. WOW. Totally used to watch that show too!