in which i pawn you off on some lovely people.

hi guys.
i know i've been basically the worst blogger ever. i mean, i know its not like you have all been sitting in front of your computer screens repeatedly hitting the refresh button in hopes that a new post written by yours truly will suddenly appear (and srsly, if you have been, please get a hobby) but i have missed blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world and the tiniest piece of me hopes you might have maybe missed me just a little too.

so, to make it up to you, i've decided to share some of my favorite bloggers with you and, if you're in the mood to shop, i'll also be sharing some of my fave shops because i'm all about the small-business-person love. that's right! i've been a bad blogger, posting next to never and now, oh now, i'm pawning you off on other bloggers.
what can i say? i think you're getting a great deal here. these people rock my blogger/etsy world!

okay, so, here we go.
read these blogs or else:

(same writer as the late it walked on my pillow)
this is one of the most wonderful blogs i've ever stumbled upon. suzy has such a beautiful way of expressing herself both in word and art. she writes the most profound pieces and i always leave her blog swimming in thoughts about how her posts apply to my own life.
please take a minute five hours and read her blog.
i doubt you'll be sorry. and if you are, well, then, you're just a poop face.

one of the most beautiful, hip, fun families i've ever found on blogger. taza and her husband and their baby eleanore have the most quaint adventures. i love it. i also like coveting their clothes because, in short, they all dress awesome.

another lovely little family that dresses amazingly. the writer, miss james, is so charming and seems like she leads such a happy life with her husband aubrey and their kids julian, milla plum and gemma. she also has great give aways and posts all sorts of interesting things.

now go shopping:

{click the picture to visit the shop}
an etsy shop by danielle of fancy biscuit and sublime lite. i just bought 3 pieces from this shop and i'm so excited to wear them!
soon, i'll be sporting the:
and two others that are no longer in the shop because i bought them! ha!
if you're into bracelets and you like things that are awesome, go check out danielle's shop. you might fall in love.

mumsies designs
{click the logo to shop}
admittedly this is one of my best friends. she's also one of the most talented people i know. she makes the CUTEST stuff not only for babies but for homes too. when i have kids, i'm most def hitting up this shop. in the mean time, i just swoon over the pictures she sends me of the things she makes and make a mental note of everything i want her to make me when i have kids and a house of my own.
if you have kids, are getting ready to have a kid/kids, know someone with kids etc. go check out this shop. its too cute for realsies.

can you hear me
{click the logo to take a gander at sam's shop}
so sam from young people in love! is an amazing artist. her artwork speaks to my soul. i love it. i love it. i love it. if you haven't ever seen her work, i feel bad for you. also, you're welcome for showing you such a lovely shop.
if you're looking for something to spruce up your home/room, heck if you're looking for something to spruce up your life, go visit can you hear me. you won't be sorry.
(my faves? her embodied series, a room with a view, and red head and balloons.)

there now, all better, right?
and hopefully definitely next week i'll have a more happening blog up in here.
in the mean time, stay awesome.

♥ ♥

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suzy said...

aw! thanks anna! :D for the recommends AND the crazy sweet words. you're the best.