my week of summer-ness: must-see-films.

continuing my week of summer-ness, i thought i'd let you know what i consider to be the top five films to see over the summer (caution, i'm about to get my nerd on...):

i know i already talked about this film here, but i seriously cannot say enough good about this film. it was just, in a word, amazing. seriously. i have yet to hear from someone who didn't like it. every time i think about this film, i smile. can't help it, it was just that good. if you like amazing films with awesome scripts, incredible acting, perfect comedic timing and a great story line to boot, then go see it. if you don't then go watch The Hannah Montana Movie or something and don't talk to me. 
(watch the trailer for Super 8 here)

"bright as day, black as night, no evil shall escape my sight.
let those who worship evil's might beware my power,
green lantern's LIGHT!"
basically, this movie looks awesome. so far i've been impressed with the comic book films that have been coming out in the last 5 years. the Batman flicks have taken a step up, Iron Man (1 & 2) were pretty dang good and then Thor. yeah, comic book films are definitely making a come back. i can only imagine this one being just. as. awesome.
plus, i love Green Lantern...
(trailer here)

i'll admit, i was skeptical about this film at first. but i'm notgunnalie, it looks kind of... awesome. and Hugh Jackman is in it so... i don't really think anything more needs to be said...
(watch the trailer here.)

...do i need to give you a reason to see this movie?
fine then, i will. this movie marks the beginning of something incredibly exciting: The Avengers (which comes out next year). i know Thor has already been released, but Captain America was the FIRST avenger. this film starts it all.
and come on, does it not look ridiculously awesome? even that will be enough to defer my thoughts from the fact that i'm still not thrilled about Chris Evans as Captain America...
(if you want to watch the movie trailer, like i just did, you can do it here.)

seriously the most bittersweet movie of my life. i'm so, so, so super stoked (especially cause i'm seeing it with one of my faves) but at the same time, i am so, so, so sad that it will officially and indefinitely be over.
okay, its official. i don't want to talk about it.
(if you want to border-line-cry today, go ahead. watch the trailer here. i for one can't even hear the music that goes with this trailer without welling up... its bad guys.)

and, just because, here are a few runners up:
Thor -- great film. GREAT film. and, if you're in the mood for eye candy, just hop on over and see Thor you won't be disappointed.
Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides -- honestly? i thought this was great. it made me laugh and it kept me entertained and that's all i expected out of it.
Midnight in Paris -- haven't seen it yet, but i'm dying to. it looks amaziful.

what will you be seeing this summer??
do tell!!

♥ ♥

(if you missed the first 2 days of my summer-ness, you can view day one here and day two here. just, you know, if you're bored or something...)


Miss Nesbit said...

I've actually heard disappointing reviews on The Green Lantern. My 2 youngest siblings saw it and said it was... "ok" so I'm kind of hesitant.

Also, YOU ARE SO SWEET! I'm glad I'm one of your faves. :) I'm SUPER excited HP and also SUPER sad as well. Thank goodness they have DVDS. OMG, we could totally have a week long HP marathon where we watch ALL of the DVD movies!! Can we please do that???

Midnight in Paris--was pretty cool. I enjoyed it for the most part. I'm not as completely in love with Paris as some, but I still liked and appreciated it.

amyschmamey said...

I LOVE Super 8. ONe of the most fantastic movies I have seen in a long time. I also can't wait for Harry Potter. July 14 can't get here soon enough. MIDNIGHT SHOW! waiting in line. ha.