good things anna. {aka a seriously random post}. *UPDATE*

so, i think i'm finally satisfied with my blog design for... half a second. anyone wanna keep track of how long i keep this particular design up? i kid.
speaking of design, this weekend my sis and i went and toured the Art Institute of Dallas.
its a beautiful school. i basically want to go there with every fiber of my being. i'm doing what i can to make that happen.

on a totally unrelated but equally as exciting note, i've been working with a lovely fellow blogger, Erica Marie over at Sea of Blooming Dreams to get a give away set up for all you sparkling wonderfuls. Erica has a marvelous etsy shop with some of the most adorable pieces i've ever seen. sometimes when i'm alone, i go to her shop and drool a little...
{ahem.} anyway! when i hit 100 followers...

...Erica is going to host a give away on my blog! so, if you want to have the chance to win, go tell three one more of your blogger friends to get on over and follow and we'll get the give away rolling!
who's excited?

how was your weekend?

♥ ♥

p.s. to go along with my new name and blog design, i created new buttons. go ahead and change from the old one if you want. THANKS!!!


amyschmamey said...

Well. I hope you stick with it because it looks amazing. I really like it! I hope your dream comes true and you get to attend that school and YAY for giveaways!

Lauren said...

Oh, I love the new look and the handwriting font! I'll follow you. Just know that this is a big deal. I follow like three blogs. This means we're real friends.

Miss Nesbit said...

Woot give away! Does it count if I unfollow you and then follow you again?

Lauren... I hope someday you can follow my blog so we can be real friends.