t.v. obsessions.

netflix is both a joy to have in my life and a serious crutch on which i lean too frequently. i used to be dedicated to a small number of shows (that are still on the air): gossip girl, the big bang theory, the office, modern family, how i met your mother and grey's anatomy (with a growing dedication to supernatural). i knew of other shows and maybe had a smidgen of interest here and there but those 6 were the ones i stuck to religiously.
now that i have netflix and an IQ (instant queue) the possibilities are endless! i have so many shows lined up i don't even know where to begin. as of late, here's what i've been watching on the regular:

season: 1
show synopsis: a high school glee club fights to remain intact and struggles with their unpopularity. the show is all about true friendships, bullying and being proud of who you are no matter what.
and its all musical.
favorite characters: NOAH PUCKERMAN!!! (l-o-v-e him). quinn, rachel, kurt, mercedes, mr. sheuster, and britney.
why i watch: i was in the equivalent of a glee club when i was in high school. i loved being a drama geek and living my life musically. when this show was first introduced, i was very into it and excited about seeing my high school hobbies portrayed in a television show. then the show got crazy popular and i lost interest.
but now i love it again. if nothing else, i LOVE the music. its so interesting seeing how they arrange songs and how the fit them into the storyline of the show.
and every time puck opens his mouth and sings i drift into a temporary state of twitterpation.
one of my favorite glee moments would be:

the secret life of the american teenager
volumes: 1-5
show synopsis: basically the show is about teenagers and their decisions about love, life and sex.
favorite characters: ashley, grace, adrian, mr. boykewich
why i watch: the first 2 seasons were addicting because i wanted to know what amy was going to do with her baby. now that i know, i'm interested to see if the show still keeps my attention. that being said, i really admire the way the show approaches touchy subjects when it comes to teens and their lives. while the show will have filibuster moments about making wise decisions as a teen, clearly thrown in to make the show appropriate for teens, i admire the fact that they do it at all. it makes it less about sex and more about making the right decisions for yourself as a teen/young adult.

parks and recreation
seasons: 1 & 2
show synopsis: this show follows the parks and recreation department of the pawnee, indiana government.
favorite characters: leslie, andy, april, ron, tom and gerry
why i watch: because amy poehler is amazing. she's hilarious and reminds me of lucille ball, one of my favorite actresses ever. the show is shot in the same style that the office is shot which makes if feel like a reality t.v. show even though its not.
i can't not laugh while watching this. its not possible.

the cosby show
seasons: 1
show synopsis: this show follows a family of 7 living in NYC.
favorite characters: bill, rudy, denise
why i watch: this show cracks me up. the retro-ness of it is enough to keep me entertained and then throw bill cosby into the mix and i basically love this show. its pretty shallow and doesn't really follow a steady storyline, but i don't care. it makes me laugh and its pretty clean. that is quite rare when it comes to television these days.

up next on my IQ:
ugly betty (seas. 3 & 4)
my so called life
prison break (i'm debating on this one)

anyone have any recommendations?


Miss Nesbit said...

I HEART PSYCH!!!!!!!! It cracks me up and I love Dule Hill and James Roday. :)

Have you ever seen Chuck? I love it. Not sure if the old seasons are up on Netflix/Hulu or not but I do recommend it.

Also, if you've never seen Monk, I highly recommend it, also 30 Rock, which is most definitely on IQ on Netflix.

amyschmamey said...

oooooh I need to revisit My So Called Life. I saw that it was on netflix the other day! The Cosby Show is on netflix??? So cool. I watched that everyday of my childhood ha.

Amylou said...

LOVE GLEE! Britney is my fav, but Puck would definitely come in second!