another vacay post - BABIES & movies & books oh my! {pt. 2}

90% of my friends in utah are married and have children. this equals lots of oodeling time for me when i'm there! i got to see some of my favorite kiddos (and some of my favorite mommies!) while in utah, and i thoroughly appreciated that.
le sigh.
i love 'em.

since before heading to utah (long before!), i had been really wanting to see i am number four. i'm sort of crushing on alex pettyfer and i had read the book over the summer, so i wanted to see if they did it justice.
um, yes.
they did.
i LOVED it. absolutely.
and it was probably better because i saw it in utah...
(okay, maybe not but we can pretend!)

annnnd i bought a couple of books while i was there as well.
and matched by ally condie (which my sis and i read on our drive back to texas. i'll review it soon, but *spoiler alert* i'd recommend it.)
one of the most fun parts though, was going to barnes and noble with my brother and cousins and drinking chai teas and reading.
that has got to be one of my most favorite things to do.
i feel so... chill when i do that.

that's it for now.
i'm sure you're just dying to know more about what i did a few weeks ago.
but for now, i should sleep.
cause i'm tired.



Hannah Elizabeth said...

this sounds like my ideal vacation. books. family. friend. babies.

P.S. - I miss you too! I need book suggestions for my new obsession bookmooch. Let me know if you have any (cause I know you do)

Alecia said...

MATCHED is oh my gosh AWESOME! i just finished that book and now i am left mad & curious & hopeful. i NEED more. do you know when the next one is coming out?
oh, and you're always welcome to recommend good book series to me. just nothing TOO sci-fi, but i am giving some sci-fi a chance lately..

thekimbo said...

my kids rock.