an ode to netflix.

dear netflix:
i realized the second i signed up for your 30 day free trial that having the beautiful luxury of instant streaming might be a problem for me. and i'll admit, i've spent much more time watching things on my computer than i ever thought i would.
but here's my beef:
i want instant streaming. i don't want dvds. if i wanted dvds, i'd go buy them. that being said, i don't feel you have a wide enough selection on your instant streaming list. i want to watch things like Supernatural and Community instantly. i don't want to wait for dvds (and one at a time mind you unless i want to pay what would be the cost of the season anyway). and the fact that all the awesome old shows such as talespin, dinosaurs and duck tales aren't on instant streaming either, kind of makes me get very angry with you. especially when i tell my boys about them and get them very excited only to realize we have to add dvds to our account to be able to watch them.
needless to say, i don't think i'll be paying for an account after my free trial is over. unless you add way more stuff to your instant streaming access (like new movies perhaps, in addition to the bomb dot com tv shows).
so thanks.
but no thanks.

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