i'm taking a blog-cation.

hey bloggers and bloggettes. just thought i'd let you know i'm taking a little vacay from the blog. i'm not sure for how long, but i hope you'll stick around until i'm back.
i wish i could say i'm going somewhere really awesome and remote where i wont have internet connection or enough time to blog, but neither of those are true. i'm just having some personal issues that i need to deal with and i'm afraid if i blogged while dealing with them this blog might turn into nothing but doom and gloom and i really don't want that.
to be honest, i probably wont be stepping onto blogger much at all in the next little while. neither to read or write. i just feel its better that way. now, i'm not telling you all this for sympathy. (in fact, i'm disabling comments on this post altogether.) i'm just telling you so that you know i'm still around and that sort of thing.
thanks for reading though. it really does mean a lot to me. don't miss me too much.
catch you on the flip side.

p.s. this will not (see how that is bolded, underlined and italicized? it means i'm serious mmmkay?) affect my design business. if you need some design work done to your blog, please (refer back to previous ( )'s) know that you can still contact me via e-mail and i'd be more than happy to help you out. if you don't know it already, my e-mail is sparrow.child (@) hotmail (.) com.