this one time when i had a pet duck.

its 2005 and easter is rapidly approaching. a girl that i was attending hair school with came back from lunch one day with a pet duck that she had just purchased. i took one look at the duck and died. srsly. cutest. thing. ever. after about an hour of looking at her pet duck, the girl decided she no longer wanted it. "i'll take it" i told her.
that day, i went home with a cage and duck food and my very own pet duck. (did i mention i didn't ask the parentals before bringing it home? i was an ask for forgiveness not permission type of girl.)
after a little coaxing, my mom and dad finally agreed to let me keep it.
i named the duck maizer.
{don't judge me for my choice in pants. it was 2005. i even wore vans and pooka shells with the ensemble!}

when i got maizer he (never did know if it was a he or a she...) was just a tiny little thing with yellow feathers and a pumpkin orange beak. i'd put maizer in my purse and take him shopping with me (who needs a poodle when you have a duck, right?) or fill up the wading pool in our front yard and let him swim around.

maizer would follow me around like i was his mama and we had the best of times.
but it was short lived. maizer grew quickly and soon he was too big for his cage (and the wading pool).
we had no where to keep him. he had nowhere to swim.
i was sad.
maizer was sad.
even mom was a little sad.
then she remembered of a friend she had that has a farm of chickens and ducks. (the non-killing type of farm.) we called said friend and asked if she'd like to take my duck. she said "bring him on over!" so we did.

maizer lives at the farm now. i know he's happier there then he ever could have been at my house, but i do miss him sometimes.
and i'll never forget him.

what sorts of pets have you had?



lydia. said...

aww, so cute!
i had two pet ducks once. my best friend got them for me for my 16th birthday. i raised them from tiny ducklings to full grown ducks.
but i ended up having to give mine away too.
i've also had a pet pig, named arnold.
and then the standard cats and dogs pets. :)

Hannah Elizabeth said...

.......Anna.....why don't we live in the same state!!?

I mean...seriously? You had a duck!? Are you kidding me!

Cunningham is feeling very let down. He just swam to the other side of the coffee pot we keep him in.

You need to be on F.R.I.E.N.D.S with Joey and Chandler. The chick and the duck.

Man...that made me laugh.

Oh and that youtube boy is amazing. look up "Charlie is so cool" and you'll find him.

bananas. said...

are you serious?! i want a duck now!!!!

i've never had any oddball pets...but i will have a pig one day. that's a promise!

amyschmamey said...

That is so cool that you had a pet duck!!!! I never had any strange pets, but I did have one horribly stupid dog and a horrendous white cat. I think it has left a negative impression on me as far as having pets goes. ha.