i'm stuck between a big decision and a brick wall.
since i'm no good at scaling walls, it looks like i'll be having to face that big decision.

a new opportunity has been presented in my life and it seems like a really good opportunity, one that i've been waiting for, for awhile. but this particular opportunity would require me to compromise a few of the values i have set for myself and i don't know that i'm willing to do that.

i know that, if you want something out of life, you have to make sacrifices. but when it comes to sacrifices, are your values, beliefs, or standards something that should go on the chopping block?

i always thought that things like time and maybe a social life were the types of sacrifices one would be required to make when asking for more out of life. not the compromising of character.

*sigh* i hate big decisions.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

As much as big opportunities feel like they never come again...your values make you who you are.

if you want my vote, I say stay with your values, beliefs, and standards.

connally said...

don't do it! you'll hate yourself in five years:(
stay strong. the real big opportunity will be everything you want, including your values and beliefs.

Lillian said...

I have to agree with the others, with one caveat, even if another big opportunity never presents itself, I can pretty well guarantee that if you compromise your values, beliefs and standards, you will wake up one day and not recognize yourself at all. You may not even like yourself. You may have achieved your dream, but at what price?