found it.

well, after this post {thanks for the sweet comments!}, i decided i needed to come up with my own cure-all. so i grabbed the rebel (my slr), my model-worthy sister (aka c, cc, cini bird etc.) and lola (the gps system) and jumped in the car for another friday adventure. while this one was no where near as eventful as last week's, it was exactly what i needed for today.
first stop was to find a decent place to do photos around here. we found a pretty good spot for senior pics and such but i wouldn't recommend say, bridals there or anything.
go here to view the rest of her session. {well, the ones i've edited anyway.}

and then, we went to find a fro yo place.
i'm bound and determined to find something here that can temporarily be my spoon me.
{and after drooling over these for so long, i was craving some goooood fro yo!}
that's where yogurtie comes in.
its a whimsical little fro yo place run by an asian family.
best part about it was, it was about 5 minutes away from where c and i shot.
yogurtie ftw!

{don't go to the website. its down.}

{obviously its the place to be.}

{i'm rockin the top knot! inspired by sydney and ashley.}

i've decided to rate each fro yo place on a 5 ♥ scale in comparison to spoon me who, of course, gets 5 ♥.
i take into consideration:
atmosphere (i.e. decor, staff, music, etc.)
flavor (not how many flavors they have, but the actual taste of the fro yo.)
variety (different flavors and toppings.)
extra zing (whatever else i feel like giving points for.)

and yogurtie gets ♥ ♥ ♥.
first off, the flavor was great. i prefer my fro yo to be a little thinner and icier than creamy (if i wanted creamy, i'd eat ice cream.) yogurtie had that perfect combo that i love, although it did melt pretty quickly. secondly, there was so much variety! they had over 10 flavors to choose from and even more toppings (but you better believe i stuck to my usual 'original flavor'). plus it was self serve so that was a plus. as for atmosphere, the decor was pretty cute, but the music they were playing was horrible and i prefer to speak to someone who actually speaks english...
they lost points for price. while they only charge $.39 per oz, that adds up quick! for two cartons of yogurt it was over $10.00. that, for me, is a little pricey.

over all, it was pretty delish and fun to try.
but its no spoon me.

all in all, a great friday night.

{oh and they got an extra point for having a random book on one of the tables about a lost beaver.}

{if you want to visit this yogurtie, its on eldorado in mckinney, tx.
look me up, we'll go together!}


connally said...

goodness, those are stunning photos!
i especially heart your sister's lacy drapey top and that fun yellow chair in the field♥ frozen yogurt is delicious-now i have those late nite cravings (curse you wonderful fresh fruit! and those spoons are so fun)

cheers for finding your you-ness:)

connally said...

oh, and thank you much for all your lovely, encouraging comments! i seriously can't stop myself from smiling just a bit wider everytime i read yours♥

Lula said...

You and your sister are two gorgeous gals! I love these pictures, and YAY for froyo! Haha love this word.