december music obsessions.

yes, i know its the 8th of january but i don't care, i'm still going to do my december music obsessions. i LOVED my december playlist, so i don't think it'd be fair to it if i didn't share what i was jamming to while all ya'll were listening to holiday music. so, without further ado, i bring to you:
by: the beatles
on the album: abbey road
so, i don't know about you, but i think this is the most beautiful beatles song ever. besides the fact that you can hear the drug trip in the music, i love the lyrics and the eerie essence of the song.

the across the universe soundtrack
(specifically hey jude, lucy in the sky w/ diamonds, & strawberry fields forever)
a lot of my love from this movie/soundtrack comes from my love for jim sturgess. that aside it is one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite soundtracks. i love what they did with beatles music. love it.

my life would suck w/o you & already gone
by: kelly clarkson
on the album: all i ever wanted
oh kelly clarkson. basically she's the only ai star i've ever appreciated (besides carrie underwood) and yes, her music is sometimes redundant and she's a little faded now-a-days, but i still really like her. sometimes its awesome to just turn on some white-girl-pain music and blare it, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

jump rope
by: blue october
on the album: approaching normal
i like blue october alright, but this song is my favorite by theirs. its so different from most of their other music and has such a catchy tune. i find myself humming it to myself all the time.

by: rooney
on the album: calling the world
love me some rooney. i don't know why i chose this particular song of theirs as there isn't much significance to it, but i really like it and so, it went on the list. it is a great song.

the dr. horrible's sing a-long blog soundtrack
(specifically my eyes, brand new day, slipping, and everything you ever.)
have i told you about dr. horrible? no? *gasp* i have failed you as followers.
as a nph (neil patrick harris) fan i pretty much love everything he does, but dr. horrible's sing a-long blog is strangely entertaining. not at all what i thought it was going to be, but after i saw it, i can't stop listening to the soundtrack and watching certain scenes from it. it stars nph (you know, from how i met your mother, barney stinson...) and nathan fillion (the guy that plays castle) and felicia day (she's on the guild). its really a great short and you should check it out. (you can view act one here, act two here, and act 3 here. you're welcome.)

take a bow
by: rihanna
on the album: good girl gone bad
everyone needs a little rihanna every now and then in their lives. while i love her voice, i think the lyrics of some of her songs (especially the earlier ones) are kind of... horrible. i remember when this song came out though and i like it just as much now as i did then. its a very clever song. sad, but clever.

renegade & come sail away
by: styx
on the album: greatest hits
never thought i'd be a styx fan. and i'm still not fan-girl over them, but i do enjoy a good styx song every now and then. in december, these two were my faves.

good girls gone bad
by: cobra starship
on the album: hot mess
yes, i like this song because my girl leighton meester sings in it. but can you blame me? she's awesome. and the song is not too shabby either. give it a listen if you haven't. that's blair waldorf singing with the boys of cobra starship.
by: christina perry
(PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK AND WATCH THE DANCE. IT IS MAGNIFICENT.) so, i remember this song was first heard on sytycd, a show i happen to frequent. i remember watching and afterwards thinking 'okay, where can i get that song?!' apparently i wasn't alone. not long after that, they had christina perry back on the show and she preformed jar of hearts live and then the song blew up. it was everywhere and everyone was claiming it as their heart-break song. yes, the amazing dance preformed to this song does aid in my love for the song, but other then that, i love the truth of the lyrics and the raw emotion that stems from it. christina said the song is based off of a boy that was a 'heart collector' and that she wrote it from the words of her own heart break. that's what makes it so beautiful and relatable. i love it. i. love. it.

need you now
by: lady antabellum
on the album: need you now
i know this song is tired and over played, but you have to remember, i don't listen to the radio, so its wonderful for me! and i can't even tell you how many times i've felt like what this song expresses. apparently i was feeling a little bitter for the month of december. okay, not apparently. i was, straight up.

crazy love
by: jason manns and jensen ackles
what? another jensen ackles plug? why yes. because he sings too. gah. swoon. this isn't the best song in the world, but i do love to hear my boy crooning in the background. it makes me smile for awhile.

all this time
by: one republic
on the album: waking up
(thanks for the recommendation connally!)
i hadn't ever heard this song and then [months later] i checked my comments from my september playlist post and miss connally of musings of a hippie had told me about it. i looked it up and have been playing it ever since. i love the song. love it. its so emo and sad and i don't know why i like that about it, but i do. the piano alone is pretty gorgeous.

by: the shins
on the album: wincing the night away
this song is just so quaint. i like it. i want to throw a 60's beach party and play this song while everyone dances on the beach in their awesome swimsuits and drinks coke. wouldn't that be fun? yeah, i think it would.

here (in your arms)
by: hellogoodbye
on the album: zombies! aliens! vampires! dinosaurs! and more!
i just love this song. that's about it. its happy and up-beat and it makes me feel happy and up-beat which are two emotions i rather enjoy feeling.

rolling in the deep
by: adele
on the album: 21 (soon to be released! yay!)
well, gregward and i have had this song blasting any chance we can get in celebration of the soon-to-be released adele album. her first album, 19, was so wonderful that i can only imagine 21 is going to be that much better. love me some adele.

so, what'd you listen to during this christmas season? were you a grinch like me, skipping out on the have yourself a merry little christmases and let it snows? or were you a trooper listening to the classic christmas tunes?

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Hannah Elizabeth said...

I think I just made the noise "garaaaaaaaaah" like four times which is my noise when I wish it was possible to jump up and down with someone instead of just type them a comment.

Anna...we would be friends. If non other than the simple fact that you essentially like everything I like.

Sounds that made me make above noise:

The Across the Universe Soundtrack (although I prefer I've Just Seen a Face)
Jump Rope (obsessed)
Jar of Hearts