weekly love.

here is what i particularly l♥ved this week:

{belle & sebastian and iron & wine.}
i compiled a play list of all the songs of theirs that i have and listened to it non-stop most of the week.
*sigh* i love stupendous music.

{the re-opening of my i heart 365 blog where i take a picture a day of things i love for 365 days. i'm so glad to have finally started the project.}

{my girl, zooey deschanel}

{the dallas weather}
it has been in the high 50's low 60's all week. warm enough to still wear dresses or shorts, cool enough to wear a light jacket if you want. aka PERFECTION! that's my kind of winter weather.

{this blooper from supernatural} (with, you guessed it, jra)
(i know i already shared the clip on my music post, but if you didn't watch it then, now is a good time to do so!)

{16 & pregnant/teen mom}
i've been watching 16 & pregnant to refresh my memory before i start teen mom.
why this show is so addicting, i'll never know. i do know one thing though, watching this right before bed has been giving me some cRaZy weird dreams. like, whoa.

{designing new blog headers for friends}
this is the newest header i've designed for a friends blog. i'm no expert or professional, but i do like putting things together and making them look cute!
you can view my other work here.

and {these boots}
i found them in a store called runway in idaho falls, id.
they were all of $10. awesome boots ftw!

what'd you l♥ve this week?


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I want to own a store called runaway!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i will never watch teen moms or 16 and preggo. bah! you know why... :(

anyway, i love the new header you designed and the boots and belle and sebastian!

bananas. said...

those boots are cute girl! love LOVE!

also love me some zooey. i wish she was my best friend. we could sing together and ride bikes. ha!

amylou said...

Those boots are so unique! Awesome deal!
And I love that header! You are so talented.

p.s. If you are interested I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now.

Amylou <3

New To The Neighborhood said...

Ok Iron and Wine and she and him are AWEsome. Oh and so are those boots. so fetching cute.

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

А! Merci beaucoup pour la rédaction du présent, il a été unbelieveably instructif et m'a dit d'une tonne

kristin elena. said...

hey i'm from dallas too! how neat. gotta follow you now. :]