in which i share my current music obsessions.

its time to share music again!
i love hearing new songs and getting hooked on new artists (when i say 'new' i mean i haven't heard them before. not necessarily a brand new artist. although, those are fun too.) 
it makes listening to music so much more of an experience and its very rare that i hear stuff i don't like (which is probably why i have over 6,000 songs on my iTunes right now...)

anyway, to carry on the spirit of september and october's music share, i've decided to do one at the end of each month from here on out. i'll be sharing who and/or what i obsessed over in that month.
feel free to share music with me as well, as i love finding new gems!
(click on the song/artist and you'll be re-directed to youtube where you can hear the song and watch the music video if there is one.)

by: kansas
on the album: leftoverture
so, i first heard this song awhile ago at a friends house while playing guitar hero. every since then, i've quite liked the song. as of late, i can't stop listening to it. although i'm not a fan of excessive guitar solos and such, i do love this song.

avril lavigne
album: the best damn thing
(mostly hot and when you're gone but really, the whole album)
this is an album i never get sick of. i've been listening to it quite frequently lately and there isn't one song that i'll skip over. avril rocks i don't care who you are!

by: belle and sebastian
on the album: juno
so, the juno soundtrack in and of itself is one of my all time favorite soundtracks ever. but i love this song. its so quaint and chill. i absolutely love belle and sebastian. i haven't heard one song of theirs that i don't like.

by: kate nash
on the album: made of bricks
since i just saw kate nash in concert not too long ago, i've been really hooked on her music. this song is my favorite by her and i think its such a beautiful love song! i think we all feel this way at one point or another.

by: survivor
on the album: eye of the tiger
i love old songs like these. i usually have a hard time taking them seriously because they are just so cheesy. classic, but cheesy. but i will still listen to them non-stop sometimes. who doesn't love a little survivor every now and then??
(so, jra (jensen ross ackles) did his own little diddy to this song. you should definitely check it out.
its amazing. promise.)

by: train
on the album: save me san francisco
this song is so marvelous. its up beat and happy and i love it. it makes me think of wearing a cute sundress and running through an orange orchard, which would be magnificent.
(lets just not talk about how horrible this music video is, okay?)

by: iron & wine
on the album: twilight
let me first just say that iron & wine is one of my favorite groups, bands, whatever you want to call them. okay! so this song. LOVE it! its in the same category as birds (by kate nash) for me. beautiful lyrics and so well put in a less-than-ordinary way.

m i k a
(click on each letter of his name to be directed to different songs of his. kinda fun, huh?)
album: the boy who knew too much
so, i love me some mika. i could listen to both his albums all the time and not get sick of them.
he's such an interesting artist. most of his songs are actually super tragic and depressing, but the music is pretty upbeat so he's uber ironic in that way.

clark gable
by: the postal service
 on the album: give up
this is such a quaint song. i love it. and i can just picture it all in my mind. i just feel happy when i feel it.

the way i am
by: ingrid michaelson
on the album: girls and boys
i. love. this. song. it is like the girl version of adam sandler's grow old with you, which i also love. its such a sweet song and i love how she just lays it all out there. wish there were more people like that out there in the world!

what are you listening to?
i want to know.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

get out of my head! Avril is my guilty pleasure (yeah I def know every song off that album) and I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with birds by kate nash

Pumpkin Soup and Merry Happy are so good by her as well.

If you don't know of Never Shout Never you would love them. Watch the "On the Brightside" video. That's been my obsession lately.

Also The Format. Snails is a fantastic song.

Thank you for making me remember how much I love the Twilight soundtrack PS. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse is one of my favorites of all time.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

um also, Mika is freakin' awesome. I've never taken the time to listen to him before, but I'm quickly falling in love with the music video for "Blame It on the Girls"

Emily said...

Love Kansas and Train. Some of my favorites

Grace said...

"survivor" is such a good song! i love the beat and their style back then. ha! i use to love "hey soul sister" but then it started getting over played, and got kinda tired of it.

i'm currently listening to rihanna "what's my name?" and "firework" by katy perry.

bananas. said...

i used to love soul sister by train...now when i hear it i want to throw babies off trains. i know horrible. guess i really i can't stand it anymore. blame radio.

Laura Darling said...

I am loving Train lately! I can't get enough. And also I've been listening to Christmas music because I am a sucker for the holidays!

ashley said...

i love mika! it's been awhile since i've listened to him but it always makes me happy