winner, winner, chicken dinner.

i just finished a 13 hour work day (13 hours is a looooong time to be on your feet!) and i still have two papers to write AND shower. guess what i'm doing instead?

if you guessed going to bed, you absolutely guessed right. - winner, winner, chicken dinner (which you'll have to buy for yourself. sorry.)

anyway, 23 days till i'm 25 on the 26th. wow. - at this point in my life, i was 3 years old and waiting for a new sister to arrive. my how time flies!!

good night lovelies. good night.


Sam said...

congrats on winning Busy Bee Lauren's camera! you're so lucky! love your blog btw :)

nicole said...

haha no way we have the same title for our blog! thats super funny i have never met anyone with it! welp yours is totally cute!