i'm totally buggin'.

stop it. you're annoying me.
things that have been annoying me lately:

obnoxious ring tones.what classifies as an obnoxious ring tone? anything that i can hear that goes off a lot. i understand you just loooove that rascal flats song, or that mariah carey is your favorite artist, but seriously, if i'm going to have to hear that song multiple times in the space of a half hour i'm going to scream. i'd like to introduce you to my little friend: vibrate. thanks.
in fact, the other day, kdp and i were discussing our roommate, reag-ls ring tone. its not that its a bad song or anything, its just that its constantly going off. last night we had this conversation with reag-ls:

*reag's phone starts ringing*
kdp: um reag, we have something to tell you...
me: (bursting out with no tact whatsoever) WE HATE YOUR RING TONE! this is a ring tone intervention.
reag-ls looks around at both of us, unsure of what to say.
kdp: its just that we hear it so much, and its killing me not knowing what the rest of the song is! all i know is... (she then proceeds to sing the 5 words of the song she knows)
me: ring tone intervention.
reag laughs.

needless to say, she hasn't changed her ring tone OR put it on vibrate. at least she knows how we feel about it. that's all i wanted.

that's what she said jokes. this is only funny when michael scott says it and even that's questionable now-a-days. "that's what she said" has been completely worn out on me. people make "that's what she said" jokes out of everything now! "i'm running to the grocery store."  - "that's what she said!"... "that guy just ran that red light." - "that's what she said!"..."lets go to a movie." - "that's what she said!" seriously?! WHO IS SHE AND WHY DOES SHE SAY EVERYTHING I SAY? its starting to make me feel like i have an evil clone running around loose in america, saying everything before i do. freak man!

not returning my texts.i get it if your busy when i text you, or sleeping or whatever, but don't be ignorant and ignore me all together. jerk.

not having a car. i'm sick of bumming rides off of people and having to rely on a bus schedule. it sucks and i'm ready for a car of my very own. a reliable one. a reliable, pretty one. a reliable, pretty one that shines like the top of the chrysler building... is that so much to ask?

american idol. who's leaving american idol? who cares? who else is leaving american idol? who cares? who's going to be the next american idol? who cares? the mojo that takes second place will be more successful anyway! i used to like this show like the first 2 or 3 seasons. now i just hate it. its all anyone talks about and they people they choose usually aren't that great anyway. its also a great show to watch if you wanna see media-hungry bozos who can't even sing but want camera time so they can be the next reality tv star. you know the ones i'm talking about.

what annoys you lately?


carlotta said...

oh i totally agree with you on pretty much everything! ESPECIALLY the "that's what she said" jokes. so lame.

Katelyn from The World is a Pearl said...

wow. I agree with everything on this post, especially the ring tone one. I just want to slap people when they have their text messages on a tone...I mean come on! And I really need a car of my own as well. Your blog is awesome, I am following.