i ♥ live music.

music in and of itself is wonderful. but there is something about LIVE music that makes me like my favorite artists even more. seeing them in the flesh, having that connection with them for a few hours is... incomparable when it comes to music.
luckily for me, these next few months bring in some pretty good shows for me to see!

as you know, this month i saw she & him live which was unforgettable.
{no, this is not a test}

october will bring ingrid michaelson.
{i love the way you call me baby, and you take me the way i am}

and november means kate nash!
{because wearing black is mysterious}

three of my very favorite artists ever! - who have you seen live? who do you want to see live?
{go here to see who i've seen live and who i have yet to see!}


Katie said...

I love live music! At a gig is one of my favourite places to be. I used to go to them a lot (not so much since I started university in the middle of nowhere) and I just got back from a huge three day music festival. I'm going to have to go through all my old tickets and make a list of bands I've seen after reading this post.

You have amazing friends for them to surprise you with the She & Him gig like that! And I'm incredibly jealous that you're going to see Ingrid Michaelson. I hope you have an awesome time at your next couple of gigs.

Emma said...

i saw ingrid last october and it was one of the best concerts i've ever been to! and i can't wait to see kate nash!!

Mariella said...

I love Kate Nash so much! I really love her music, especially because one of her songs has my name in it, "Mariella." :)

bananas. said...

that's a good line up you got there.

i love live music too but unfortch for me i rarely get to experience it. i really need to buy some tix asap.

amylou said...

I want to see so many more but so far, my favorite has been TransSiberian Orchestra. They really put on a great show!