feeling frosty.

friday signaled the last day of school for the summer semester.
since deciding not to go back in the fall, friday the 13th has been all i could think about. i was more than ready to be finished and out of there.
take all the work i had to do for that and add it with 34.5 hours of work and by saturday i was feeling pretty cruddy both mentally and physically. after looking up my symptoms online i found out i was pushing myself into exhaustion.
guess i better take it easy from here on out!
to make myself feel better i needed one of these bad boys:
one on saturday night and one on sunday afternoon had me feeling much, much better.
that and i'm heading out of town on wednesday for a week so all i have to do is hang on till then!

how was everyone else's weekend??


Amyschmamey said...

Get thee to a Frosty place and eat your fill in frozen soft serve candy goodness. Hope you do get to relax on your venture out of town. :)

amylou said...

what a good treat!
hope life gets less stressful!

lydia. said...

mm. frosty! yum! :)
sounds like you deserved this treat, girl.

i think i'm leaning towards the blonde, btw. :)
thanks for the advice!