25 things i've learned in 25 years.

in celebration of me turning 25, i thought i'd share 25 things i've learned throughout my life. enjoy:

1. even on fat days, shoes always fit.
2. there is no such thing as ceiling wax. there is, however, such thing as sealing wax.
3. friends will come and go, but family will always be there for you.
4. its the simple things in life that make the world a happier place
5. each person is beautiful in their own way. sometimes we can see that beauty, sometimes we cannot.
6. the laughter of a child is more beautiful than any other sound on this earth.
7. the word is discombobulated NOT discombogulated.
8. sometimes the ones i love the most can hurt me the worst, but i will always forgive them because i love them the most.
9. we can make or break ourselves.
10. boys will be boys. stupid boys.
11. you always want something you can't have.
12. having the best doesn't mean having it all.
13. the best things in life aren't things. (do i sound like a mormon velum wall quote or what?!)
14. your surroundings are what you make them.
15. being mad at someone will never change them.
16. its flamenco dancer. not flamingo dancer.
17. we are all different for a reason.
18. spoon me once a week is enough to keep me sane.
19. being an individual will often get you looked at. sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. both types of looks are worth being an individual for.
20. mama always knows best.
21. laughter is the best medicine.
22. sometimes a good cry is the only thing that can make you feel better.
23. there is always someone worse off than you.
24. love is not a fairy tale. its reality. which is even better.
25. i still have a lot of life to live and i couldn't be more excited.


Rebecca Armstrong said...

I love this list of things you've learnt over the years. I think my favourite three are number five, fifteen and twenty-one. - They are so true!
Happy Birthday too :)


Alecia said...

i like you & your attitude. thanks for sharing your wisdoms :) happy birthday!

row said...

@kayla - i love it! i say "mormon velum wall quote" becuase so many mormon's have them plastered ALL OVER their houses. ha ha.