blogger award. why, thank you.

hey guys, one of my readers, emily over at empty sky, awarded me with the versatile blogger award.
i'm so flattered to have been given another blogger award! thanks emily!
so, along with this award comes a few rules: thank the person who gave you the blogger award (did that.) and share 7 things about yourself:
1. i hate to not have my nails painted.
2. my favorite animal is a giraffe.
3. it is currently 82 degrees (fahrenheit) in my apartment.
4. i love all things british (obviously).
5. i'm currently tired.
6. i am wearing north carolina tarheels booty shorts as i type this.
7. i was in the madrigal choir in high school.

thanks again emily. blog awards are wicked awesome.

in addition to that, i'm going in for a sort-of job interview today. cross your fingers for me. i need it.

happy monday all!

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