here's what you missed.

well, i'm back. officially.
the crazy thing is i didn't really even plan a hiatus but life happened and so i decided to enjoy my break which, can i just tell you, has been nothing short of wonderful. - i even took a break from the book i'm writing. (oops!)
don't get me wrong, i love blogging, but not doing it for awhile has been super nice too. 
anyway, since i don't have endless amounts of interesting things to write about, i'll just fill you in on what has been going on in my life since my last actual post (which was on may 26th... wow.)
my younger brother, "gregward" (new nick name for the brother. he looks identical to r-patz.), graduated from high school (woot! woot!) and since my sister came up for that from st.g i decided to go back with her and call it quits in idaho. see i've been anticipating this move for a few months now but the last time i moved away from home it was a monstrous disaster which involved many, many tears and me high tailing back to mommy and daddy's house with my tail between my legs. not. good. 
so this time i decided to do things a little differently. i decided to take an "extended vacation". aka leave like i was going on vacay and not head back until it was just to get the rest of my stuff. so far this has been working out much better than the last move. i've only cried twice and my separation issues have been much less. thank goodness. 
anywhooser. so, i've been in utah for the last few weeks. in that time i have:
prince of persia 
which is like, one of the best. movies. ever. if you haven't seen it, stop reading this blog and go watch it right. now. - i've seen it twice already.

iron man 2 
also a great flick. the first one was still better but this is definitely worth seeing.

robin hood 
again, great film. its the before story of how robin hood becomes an outlaw and i loved it. and i don't even like russel crowe! 
p.s. mark strong was awesome in this. awesome. 

i've also been house hunting. (p.s. found an apartment and we move in next week. yayyyy!) and hanging out with long lost friends, eating froyo at my fave froyo place and cupcakes at my fave cupcake place, shopping (oops. i should have avoided this!), searching for jobs (applied at forever 21 the other day. i. will. work. there.) and just having an all around good time. 

i've also recently been introduced and addicted to this:
 how i met your mother.
i know its on like its 5th season already but i just wasn't interested. then the roomie, kim, suggested we watch it and i obliged. now i'm kind of addicted and love it.
its like will and grace and friends smooshed into one show. not to mention (thanks to neil patrick harris) its hilarious. i recommend it if you're looking for a new show to watch. 

other then that, i start school on the 24th (yikes!) and have a lot of moving to do (which means a lot of decorating to do. can i get a ya-hoo? i ♥ decorating.)

what has everyone been up to while i was away?
i've been trying to catch up on all the blogs but its a lot of reading for just one night!!!

peace out everyone. 
stay wonderful.

p.s. welcome to all my new followers!!! leave a comment, tell me about yourself! i'd love to check out your blog.


Leah said...

Congrats to your brother.

You watched a lot of movies... those are awesome films. I just came back from watching Killers, a fun movie. Go watch it, Ashton is so gorgeous.

Good luck on decorating your new place and post pics okay?

Have a great weekend! xoxo

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I saw Prince of Persia last week. It was a pretty good movie. And yes, I agree with you about Iron Man, the first was better than the second. I've been away from blogosphere too, for two weeks in fact, and just got back last week. =) Anyway have a nice week. =)