of all the huzzah-ness.

i'm excited about life lately, and excited about what's to come. at the beginning of the year i said that 2010 would be my year, and so far it has been. i'm glad too because i couldn't handle another 2009!
so have i filled you in on everything?
i'll take a brief second and do so:
first of all, i'm finally employed. i haven't had a job in over a year and so it feels good to go back to work and be productive. granted at this point i only work 3-4 hours a day and at the most 5 days a week, but its more than nothing which is good. the thing is its not a job i ever would have applied for, but i love it. not something i'd want to do for the rest of my life, but for now its perfect for me.
second, i'm moving from this wretched state that i pretty much loathe (too much snow + too much drama = i'm outta here). but i'm moving because thirdly i'm starting school. i'll be starting as a freshman at a school in utah with a double major in [international] business marketing, and creative writing. normally i wouldn't be so excited about school, but i feel good about what i'm going into and confident that i'll do well, so its going to be fun for me (or else!) 
i know most of that doesn't sound very exciting at all, but its a big change from what is usually going on in my life a.k.a. nothing, so i welcome the changes.
in the mean time, i'm still trying to recover from our most recent move, but one of these days i'll get my usual routine back on track.
how are you doing???  


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