make me stop already.

i've talked about this before.
and now i'm going to do it again.
because, frankly, i'm down right obsessed.
there is a slight possiblity that i may be lusting over things i can't have at the moment cause i'm kind of broke and, oh its still basically winter here so i can't even wear these, but still. there is no doubt these are amazing. 
lets talk about:
(drum roll P.L.E.A.S.E.)
dresses. and not just any dresses, but dresses from modcloth.
they are all so amazing, and may someday put one giant gaping hole in my bank account, but for now, i'll just lust.
can you see me in this? with my hair all did up and some stunner heels on? (yes. there are stunner heels. mainly because i said so.)

very casual. very adorable. very me. i l♥ve it. a glammin' pair of flats, and a braid in my hair and i'm ready to go.

everyone needs a white sundress. i am a firm believer in that fact. this would be one of mine.

bottom line? regardless what your style is, they've got it.
so go buy stuff and brag to me what you got, so that i may live vicariously through you until further notice.


{all pics are courtesy of modcloth. i do not have permission to use them (eek!), but since i'm promoting them i believe they will allow them to stay up (right?).}


bananas. said...

everyone needs a white sundress...well, i half agree. not sure the bf would look good in one. hehe. jk.

i like modcloth too. they always have such fab dresses BUT ever notice that they keep the ones that are sold out up and then when you try to buy them you can't because they're sold out. it's like blue balls for shopping!!!

row said...

okay. i admit. i should have said every GIRL needs a white sundress. ha! - that is so totally rude of them to keep them up. some of my favorites are sold out!!