a little pick me up.

its wednesday again.
that means we're half way through the week, but the weekend is still 2 days away!
wednesday is kind of a bittersweet day if you ask me. a teaser, if you will.
so, to help get you through the rest of the week, i recommend checking out these fabulous bloggers:
i just recently found this blog through another blog (isn't that how its usually done?) and i was so inspired by summer's posts. she just tells it like it is and leaves it at that. i really like that about her. she and her husband are also trying to adopt a baby, and since that's something my family has also tried to do, i've been relating to some of the things she's been posting. 
so. if you like: life, babies, new york, acting, marriage, mustaches, or can relate to those who do, i'd recommend checking out her blog.

i know i've recommended her before, but i'm doing it again. this girl [mayra] is sassy and classy all rolled into one. her blog touches on a little bit of everything from fashion, diy, her bulldogs and bf to movies she's seen or books she's read. she's funny and honest as all get out, which makes her down to earth and relatable. check. her. out. you know you want to.
(if you hate miley cyrus, this is the girl to see.)

photographer extraordinaire and one of my fashion icons, leah's blog is absolutely charming. her posts are short and sweet with great pictures of her daily outfits, and little excerpts about her boys. it only takes about a minute to scroll through her posts, but they are always inspiring and lovely. 

this blogger is one of my bffs (literally for life). she has another blog, but this one is new and very promising. she blogs about her 2 boys, her hubby, and the crafty projects she does to help get her through life. she's one of the most creative people i know, and if you like seeing other people's crafty sides (and how to diy), this is the place to be! i think the best part about this blog is, she takes submissions from mom's all over the place. so if your a mom, check it out and submit something! its great to hear from all different walks of life and artistic minds.
lastly but definitely not leastly (yeah i just made that word up)
hey gorgeous
this blog is full of great photographs and little words of inspiration. the writer is engaged to be married and so most of it is marriage based, but i find its still relatable. she's such a positive girl, and always has something nice to say. i recommend this blog if you need wedding inspiration, or just like to google over all that is awesome.

have a wonderful wednesday!
more recommendations next week.


p.s. if you haven't heard, my create blog, sugar and spice (and all things nice), is up and running. you can visit it by going here. or by clicking the sugar and spice button on the right hand side of my blog. (its at the top. see the colorful thing up there? yeah, that's it.)


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love the blogs that you mentioned. I am a fan of Life is Bananas, Leah, and Hey Gorgeous! I'll have to check out the other blog you mentioned. Happy wednesday! =)

Leah said...

Oh thank you sweetie. And I love Mayra's blog too. I'll check out the other blogs now. Have a great day! xoxo

row said...

summer - you may have been away. and no, you're the best. :)

bananas. said...

i missed it too! bad bananas...BAD!!! thanks for the shout out. you rock my socks!!!