kissing would be nice, eh?

i saw the princess and the frog on my latest excursion to ut,
and it was the first movie in a long time that i've actually enjoyed.
i guess i'm sort of bias towards anything disney does, but i did. i loved it.
can we talk about my favorite character though?
prince naveen.
*disclaimer i know he's a cartoon character.
his cute little accent and love for the free-wheeling-it lifestyle was so adorable!
and his fabulous taste in music didn't hurt either.
prince naveen is voiced by bruno campos
(who you probably recognize from nip tuck, or maybe er...)
which, if you ask me, makes things even better.
he made the movie fun and enjoyable.

i highly recommend the flick.
its very nostalgic with its every-10-minute musical numbers and "old-school animation".
and its out! so go to your local red box, pay a buck,
and watch this flick!

almost there,

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