i'm sick of...

my room.
i don't like the way it's decorated anymore!
(i don't really know that i ever did...)
its dark and stuffy and white trashy.
i want something more like:
{matching and put together}

{femenine and hippie -- LOVE the sparrows on the wall. LOVE.}

{lots of fun, quirky pictures.}
{colorful, open and light.}

someday i'll get to redecorating.

someday, when i'm awfully low,

{all these incredibly awesome rooms that are so much better then mine were found via weheartit. of course they were.}


bananas. said...

at first i thought the first room was yours and i was like uhhhhh that's nice but then i read the bottom. those are great inspo you have there. i need to spruce my bedroom too.

row said...

thank you! i like them too. i currently share a room with my sister which... isn't too bad, but she's moving out in a couple of weeks so i'm going to do the rennovations then when i don't have to comprimise with anyone. sneaky me.

lennie said...

my thoughts were the same! im sure you'll take the inspiration and create a bedroom that captures you perfectly! really wishing i could go and just paint my room right now...
i adore the ceiling arrangement in the last picture, wow!

row said...

we're in a rental right now so i can't paint. :P my walls are brown and i'm in the basement so its VERY dark! yes i love the chinese lanterns in the third pic too! i actually found a ton at the dollar store that i'm hoping to use somehow.