happy valentines day.

true lve is:


{a dress that fits just right.}

{shiny, freshly painted nails.}

{laughing with friends.}

{lyrics that speak right to you.}

{sleeping in.}


{holding hands.}

{singing at the top of your lungs.}

{walking through the front gates of disneyland.}

{capturing the perfect moment with your camera.}


{good hair days.}


{finding a great pair of heels for an even greater price.}


{seeing foreign places.}

{a shoulder to lean on.}


{finding something you've lost.}

{being with friends.}

{letters in the mail.}

{friends re-runs.}


{finishing a good book.}

{accomplishing a goal.}

{catch-up conversations with old friends.}

{being yourself.}
happy valentines day,

{90% of pics found via we heartit. i love that dang site. - these were not found on weheartit: "capturing the perfect moment with your camera" (by me), "family" (by mom), "vintage" (courtesy of revolving styles), "being with friends" (by mom again), and "being yourself" (by my kiki).}


Alexandra Mason said...

Love these photos :) happy valentine's day

kathleen said...

This is sooo cute! Happy late Valentine's Day! Xoxo