happy bbbbirthday!

happy birthday to my mama
and my auntie!
(they are twiners)
{aunt coco and mom}

my mom is my rock in my life (i know i just said "my" a lot... bear with me.) there has not been one time when she hasn't been there for me when i've needed her.
we had some hard times when i was younger and it wasn't cool to like your mom, but she stuck by me even through that. she is my best friend, i can tell her everything, and i want to be just like here when i grow up!
mom, i love you.
i hope you dance.

aunt coco has been there for me through so much as well. i'm so much like here (sometimes even more than i am like my own mother) and she understands me so well. its great to get together and laugh with this woman. she is the greatest.
i love you coco!

happy birthday girls!
have the best day ever.

the best hags ever,

{pics found in the family files. how cute.}

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So Amazed said...

Nice pictures! Geez! Thanks though...this was fun to read! Man
I miss you AND Coco!