had i been there.

on the way home from utah, sissykins and i were discussing the things we wish we would have been there to see. not watch on television, but see live.
after this conversation, i thought i'd share with you 5 things i wish i had been there to see [live].
1. the 1996 atlanta, 2000 sydney, 2004 athens, and 2008 bejing olympic gymnastic events. and the 1980 lake placid, new york winter olympics.
i would have loved to see: the usa women's team win team all-around gold along with usa's gymnast's other medals (that was also my favorite usa women's gymnastic team EVER) in 1996, 2000 was not a good gymnastic year for the u.s. but it was my favorite men's team. usa's male and female gymnastics team win silver in athens 2004 (as well as their other medals), and bronze (for the men) and silver (for the women) in bejing - as well as their other medals,
aleksei namov's (russian gymnast. one of my FAVES. - other faves include blaine wilson, john roethlisberger, shannon miller, nastia liukin, and shawn johnson.) last olympic hurrah in athens, amoung all his other incredible routines all the other years.
as for the 1980 lake placid olympics, it would have been incredible to see usa's hockey team win gold against russia. (yeah you can just watch miracle to see this, but how cool would it have been to actually be there!)

2. celine dion's a new day concert in las vegas.
it ran for 3 years.
i lived an hour and half away from vegas.
and i never saw it.

3. justin timberlake's madison square garden's
beat box number.
yep. i was an *nsync fan. a big one. although i saw their no strings attached tour live in las vegas, justin gave a special treat to madison square gardens. i've seen it on dvd (okay okay! i OWN the *nsync at madison square garden's dvd... i haven't watched it in years, but i own it.) but i would've love to have seen it live.

4. idina menzel. as elphaba. in wicked. on broadway.
so i've seen wicked and on broadway too. as amazing as it was, i was seriously missing the voices of idina menzel (the origianl elphaba) not to mentino kristen chenoweth (the original glinda). it would have been kind of incredible to see.

5. david "big papi" ortiz (the red socks' designated hitter) being struck out by the yankees in july 2008.
i believe it was joba chamberlain who struck him out... but i could be wrong. the yankees are my #1 team (dodgers are #2), and i would have loved to see them win their world series, BUT striking out their biggest rivals designated hitter? yeah. that would have been great to see.

okay so none of them are historical moments that changed america. and yes it would have been awesome to see things you really only read about in history books (the signing of the decleration of independance, paul revere's night ride, the crossing of the deleware) BUT these are small things that i witnessed on television (or dvd) and thought "man i wish i was there right now!"

what do you wish you would have seen live?

if i were a rich girl,

{all pics were found via google.com/images.}

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