the daily wears {#1} -- becoming blair.

so i've been working on this other blog called
"the daily wears"
i was going to take a picture of my outfit everyday,
post it,
and then talk about how in-expensive the whole outfit was because, lets face it, i ♥ shopping, and clothes, and fashion, but i'm broke as a joke. so to maintain a healthy level of shopping in this time of un-employment for me, i've gone to new lengths to find what i like, but at much lower prices. (this probably works for me because i don't care a smidgen whether its name brand or not. give me my knock offs anyday and i'll wear it and work it like nobody's business!)
we-ll, i know what a hassle it is to bounce from blog to blog
so i've decided to just do that here, with some minor tweeks.
so, here, for my very newest tradition, is my first "daily wears" post:
becoming blair

inspiration: blair waldorf (from gossip girl)
total cost of outfit: roughly $55

to channel blair i chose to focus on some of her signiture pieces:

the results:
{black cardigan} kohls $12.00
{purple dress (used as a shirt in this case)} ross $8.00
{jean high-waisted flare skirt} american eagle $12.00
{argyle tights} walmart $5.00
{silver shoes} ross $10.00
{candies headband} kohls $6.00
(please note, these are all rounded numbers)

whadda ya think?
tune in next time for another post of "the daily wears".
until then,


{all pics of blair waldorf were found via google.com/images, all pics of me were found via my desktop and taken courtesy of sissykins. sorry for the crappy quality. it was late when i got in so we had to settle for pics inside.}

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Her headbands are always sooooooo cute!