cake boss.

first of all, can i just say, its great to be home?
although its about 1 billion degrees colder here,
i'm glad to be able to sleep in my bed, and hang my clothes in closet,
and shower in my shower.
its great.
on another note, yesterday there was a cake boss marathon on tlc.
i love that show.
its amazing what they can make out of edible things.
true art is something that tastes good if you ask me!
what are your favorite shows?

who's the boss,

{cake boss cast picture found here.}


bananas. said...

i don't eat cake but i love watching shows like this. it's amazing what they can create.

Maggie said...

To actually list my fave shows would take way to long, but here are a few: Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community, Secret Life of the American Teenager, GLEE, Gilmore Girls, Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Food Network Challenge, Say Yes to the Dress, ... I could keep going!!

row said...

bananas - (every time i write or see that, i always have to sing the gwen stefani song in my head) i'm not a cake fan either (well cupcakes yes. but regular cake no.) however, it is amazing what they can create!

maggie- big band theory is at the top of my list too! as well as: the office, glee, all the cake shows and tlc shows basically, greys anatomy, gossip girl, and... so you think you can dance. amoung others. :)