10 things i'm not afraid to admitt.

i'm all about being honest, and being no one but your awesome self.
i want everyone to feel the same way.
especially if your shy or self-concious.
since february is the month of love, why not focus on loving ourselves a little more huh?
i hope you'll all join in with me and share:
10 things you're not afraid to admitt about yourself!
admitting these things, and so publically as well, will help you realize that even your little quirks, make you wonderful, beautiful, and so totally awesome. so embrace it!
so. to get the ball rolling;
10 things i'm not afraid to admitt:
1. i own and watch a lot of corny movies staring the likes of: mary-kate and ashley olsen, lindsay lohan, zac efron, and hilary duff among others.

2. i'm afraid of the dark. i have a deep mind and so when the lights go out, everything morbid, freaky, and gorey that can happen in the dark, i'll think about!

3. i play facebook games. 7 of them to be exact: farmville, island paradise, fish world, fish life, yoville, petville, and garden world. -- i'm not religious about them, i often let my crops, fish, or pets die because of long hiatuses that i take from these games, but sometimes, in my spare time, i do play them.  

4. i'm pretty shallow when it comes to the opposite sex. outward appearance is a huge factor for me! and i'll admitt i've judged a lot of guys too quickly, but i'm working on it alright?

5. i'm a vegetarian. i don't eat anything that could be someone's pet except fish (which includes sushi. gotta have me my sushi!)
{i don't eat any of these little guys!}

6. i'm afraid of driving/riding on the freeway/interstate/highway, whatever you want to call it. i'm scared to death of it.

7. i'm a movie/tv show quoter. its bad. really. both when i'm watching the movie i'll quote it, and in my everyday conversation i often make movie references. movies i quote the most in daily conversation: mean girls {2 for you glenn coco! you go glenn coco!}, that thing you do {a man in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!}, the office {fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!}, the emporer's new groove {no touchey}, pretty much anything with chris farley {living on government cheese, living in a van, down by the river!}, and ellen degeneres' stand up comedy routine here and now {the bangs are they shorter?!} .

8. i cried like a baby when cedric diggory (aka r-patz) died in harry potter and the goblet of fire. i was inconsoleable for the rest of the film. everyone in the theatre could probably hear me sniffling. (should i have given a *spoiler alert* warning before that one? sorry if i ruined any surprises in the harry potter category, but really if you didn't know that already, then it was time someone told you.)
{i've been a robert fan ever since this flick.
so there all you i-love-robert-pattinson-because-he-plays-edward cullen girls! (and perhaps guys as well).}

9. if i don't look presentable, i wont answer the door. a lot of knocks go ignored around here!

10. i've had the falco song "rock me amadeus" in my head all day and its really annoying me.

and there!
i know they weren't all earth shaking, glass shattering, surprises, BUT, it was fun letting you know some quirky things about me that you may not have otherwise known!
i hope you'll join me in sharing things that some people would normally be reluctant to admitt (or even things you yourself would be reluctant to admitt.) if you make a similar post, let me know about it in my comments section! i'd love to read it.

amadeus, amadeus, rock me amadeus,

{i went on a hunt for pictures and here is where i found: hsm cast, farmvillefarm animals, cedric diggory aka robert pattionson.}


Alexandra Mason said...

lovely blog! i cried when Cedric died in Harry Potter too xx

Anonymous said...

I am not a vegetarian. I may or may not have eaten my pets. The cute little white fluffy ones. Don't judge me either!