trip re-cap in a nutshell.

well, i'll sum up my utah vacay in a nutshell for you.

tuesday jan 12th: VERY stressful day for me. i don't know. just the packing for a nearly 2 week long trip and getting ready to leave for that long absolutely took its toll on me. i even had a little break-down-cry-session for a few minutes because i was just having a crummy day. couldn't find the ipod, laptop wasn't working, zipper on suitcase was broken and so on and so forth. -- when we finally got out of the house i was still in bad mood due to sissykins tape player (yep i said tape player) not cooperating which meant no listening to the ipod (and no i didn't find mine. brother was just kind enough to let us take his), and then the cds in her cd player were scratched-a-mundo so we couldn't even listen to most of those. *sigh* i was glad to finally get to our destination AND see my bestie kimberly. - she made everything better by purchasing FAME (which i had not yet seen) and making us velveeta and shells (a bestie tradition). i love my kimberly.
wednesday jan 13th: for starters, i know i missed words of wisdom wednesday and i'm sorry. -- we-ll. a not so stressful day (and thank goodness!) although kimberly worked a double, my mckay friend got out of school at noon, so we were able to have lunch and do a little catching up which was g-r-a-n-d. we watched FAME again and i burned music from kimberly so i'd have decent, non-scratched cds (owl city, she&him, a little imogen heap. life was good) for the rest of the drive down which was to take place on saturday.
thursday jan 14th: i went to yoga. first time ever. and guess what? i'm TOTALLY addicted. i plan to start it up with my momma. another highlight? i got to see aunt laura (kimberly's aunt that i have adopted as my own) and amberkins (kimberly's sister whom i've adopted as my own) AND taggy-baby (kimberly's sister amber's baby haha whom i L-O-V-E).
friday jan 15th: i'm aware that i missed a fun fact friday and i am very very sorry for that. well we drove to st. goerge on this day. and before even going to our house, i convinced sissykins to make a stop in at our cousins sami and becca's. it was GRAND! they grabbed their over night stuff and joined sissykins and i at our house for a totally girly sleep over (complete with nail painting and michael buble listening.)
saturday jan 16th: i'm not going to lie. pretty much all i did on this day, was watch season 2 of gossip girl. i'm completely addicted and i wanted to get it out of the way so it wasn't consuming me the rest of the trip, which it only 1/2 did. :) (three dreams about chuck bass in three consecutive nights... okay. i was consumed!) later on that night i went and ate with the cuzzies (sami&becca), played clue a few times (love that game!) and we went and got frozen yougart at krave which i had never been to. excellent fro-yo, but nothing beats my spoon me. nothing.
sunday jan 17th: complete awesomeness because i got to see my amigo mikey cakes. we went to church together (which was quite a weird experience, as the people that are there every time i go back just keep getting younger and younger! i was in a college ward with 18 year olds that were in my home ward. i never imagined i'd see them in a college ward...) - then i got to see 2 of my 4 sets of grandparents (and the cuzzies again)! oh and! my dad was in town on his way home from vegas so we got to see him as well. that was fun.
monday jan 18th: finished up season 2 of gossip girl (so exciting i know!) and... i think that was about it. i may have seen the cuzzies, but to be honest, i can't really remember.
tuesday jan 19th: went to my other bestie kim's house (yep. two besties named kim. which is why one is kimberly and the other is kim. thank goodness bestie number 3 is named ashley. i don't know what i would have done with another kim!) - we did lunch at pizza factory (delicious!) and ran errands for her and all that kind of good stuff, then since i was sleeping over, we stayed up pretty late (mostly to feed and watch baby kai) and started a business!
wednesday jan 20th: oh. missed another words of wisdom wednesday. gotta forgive though. computer useage was VERY limited. BUT what i did do is: colored my auntie's hair on this day, which meant hung out with the cuzzies somemore. it was spectacular.
thursday jan 21st: well mostly i helped my kim friend organize her house. i also got to see an old co-worker/friend of mine, claudia. she came and chated with kim and i while i was at kims house. then, i met up with some girls that sissykins and i have known for almost 20 years! we ate at 25 main (YUM! cupcakes!) and it was great to see them and catch up with them.
friday jan 22nd: bah! missed another fun fact friday! ssssorrrrry. BUT: got to see another set of grandparents! we ate lunch with them, then went back to their house to view pictures from their recent trip to china. it looked amazing. then i went to my bestie kim's house and helped her orgainze more, and worked on the business a bit too. colored her hair, ate some pizza, watched a little bit of the office, and then went home for bed.
saturday jan 23rd: saw the cuzzies one last time, ate lunch with grandparents one last time (grandma took us to see some artwork of my uncles and i helped grandma get a facebook), and set out on the road for provo. - when we got there, we hit up a show at muse music (archie and the traveling sales men), and of course slept at kimberly's.

sunday jan 24th: i said good bye to kimberly and headed home. almost missed the exit (becuase of sissykins!) almost rear-ended someone (again because of sissykins), but made it  home just in time for dinner. it is glorious to be home.

like home,

p.s. it rained 80% of the time we were in st.george which was LOVELY!

{pics taken by me, me, a girl at 25 main whose name i can't remember but am very grateful to her for snapping the pic, me, and me!}

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