we heart it.

i've been using flickr for awhile cause i love it so much.
i find gems such as this:

{i made alot of mistakes in my mind, in my mind.}

but i've recently stumbled upon another totally great site,
 that is totally 100% noteworthy as well.
photos like this:

{oh, hello friend. you are loved.}
and this:

{this and that.}

and this:

{university life style.}
amoung other inspiring, uplifting, really-very-fun phots!
its called weheartit.com
go. check. it. out.

{i made alot of mistakes in my mind, in my mind is by lauren withrow. the others are as follows: this and that, university life style, oh, hello friend. you are loved. haven't figured out how to see who posted them yet, but whoever took those pics, you are amazing!}

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