i know!

hasn't it been forever?
it seems like it.
so sorry!
well, lately, here it has been SNOWING.

i know!
everyone from my home town, has been begging for snow
(where i'm from is a very warm climate and never gets things like that.)
and here i am, stuck in it.
i've decided to:
embrace the snow (i know!)
i've noticed how beautiful it is when no one has stepped in it
and its all sparkly and pure.
and so. for now, i'm embracing the snow.
(we'll see when i actually have to be out in it a lot.)
besides, dressing up like an adorable snow bunny is so much fun.

oh the weather outside is frightful,

{found the snowy pic you see above here, but as you probably know, its because of this.}

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