how do i follow you?

i get a lot of readers,
but not a lot of followers.
and peeps have been asking:
"how do i follow you?"
luckily, i can give you a "following for dummies" course.
see off to your left, the "lets talk about me" section?
scroll down until you see the "people who aren't afraid to be followers" section.
then, click the "follow" icon. (difficult. i know.)
if you have a blogger account you can follow me that way,
if not you can follow anonymously etc.
following allows you to not have to remember my url everytime you want to visit!

following the leader,

{still not following how to follow? e-mail me at sparrow.child at hotmail dot com and we'll talk.}


Jacque said...

You have a really cute blog! Just discovered it!

row said...

thank you so much jacque! i like yours as well!