happy new years eve. a year in review.

its new years eve everyone!
its going to be a great year!
i've decided to take an idea from my blogging friend jacque and do a year in review.
just so ya'll can see what i've been up to!
in january i planned and participated in my last convention with my old job. i was sad to leave, but excited for new adventures!
i had a lot of health issues in february, most of my month consisted of proceedures, doctors offices, blood tests, and all around blckiness. -- i also quit my job to move to california and attend make up school.

march was pretty un-eventful for me. i ended up not moving to california, OR attending make-up school. i mostly just sat on my duff. -- in march, however, i decided to attend a different school that was closer to home. keep reading to see if that ever happend.


i spent most of april in my home town of st. george, ut! it was sissykins 21st birthday and so i was there with her. i threw her a mad hatter tea party themed birthday, it was a blast. i also ate a lot of spoon me while there, and way too many 25 main cupcakes.
in may i started planning for my big move, and the start of my new school.

june marked the 1st anniversary of moving to our new state, and it also brought mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary. (25 years! wow-sa!) to celebrate, we all went to jakson hole and yellowstone. it was my first time ever going, and i've never seen anywhere (in the united states) so beautiful (minus the red rocks of st. george...). -- michael jackson died this month too. -- i packed up all my stuff in anticipation of my up coming move. 

i moved away from home, and set out on the road to become an official uvu student!                                       {<--here i am bawling like a baby cause i'm going to miss my babies so much!} - i had a blast living in utah again with my very best friend ever! but the truth of the matter was, i was having a really tough time finding a job, and was starting to worry how i was going to pay all my current bills, along with school and rent on top of that.

oh august! boo got baptized into our church (such an awesome event), we took a nice long trip to california (and had a mini family reunions along the way), and i turned the big 2-4. i also moved back home because of lack of a job in utah. i was really sad to leave, but i felt it was the right thing to do.
i was hunkering down, getting ready for the snow. it was sure to come soon! brothey turned 18 which made me feel somewhat old...

i left my old blog and started this onesissykins moved in (huzzah!) and we celebrated halloween together. such a blast. oh and i colored my hair haley williams (of paramore) red.

thanksgiving time! this year was spent just the 8 of us at home, but i learned a lot from our new thanksgiving traditions. - oh and how could i forget! november brought the release of new moon.

december is where i stand now. having had an awesome christmas, (and mourning the death of brittany murphey) i look forward to the new year with bright hopes and anxious anticipation! bring it on 2010!!!
have a great new year everyone, stay safe, and stick to those resolutions!!

and a happy new year,
{all pics were taken by me, or a family member. wow-sa.}

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