pumpkins... and their guts.

{halloween} is one of my all time favorite holidays.
i love the colors and the smells and the {dressing up}.
and i love the {pumpkins}.
there is just something about {carving} a face in a fruit that makes me smile.

this year i decided to go with a {vampire} pumpkin.
(definitely in {celebration} of the rapidly approaching new moon!!!)

and of course there are little m (4years old) and boo's (8years old) {pumpykins} too.
last year little m was {"halloween spooked"} by a friend of mine.
and so this year has been all about {revenge}.
while carving his pumpkin, {little m} said
"my pumpkin's going to scare the crap out of *****" (name removed for privacy reasons.)
like i said. {revenge}.

(little m's)                       (boo's)
but it was sisters annual puking pumpkin, that made me {smile}.
5 years in a row she's done this {puking} pumpkin.
and no. it wasn't her {original} idea, but its still pretty funny.

i love {halloween}. i love fall.
i hope you all had a fabulous halloween.
what did your {pumpkin} look like?

happy haunts materialize,

{pics by mom. isn't she amazing? i think so.}

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