my shoes.

awhile ago i wrote about my shoe obsession right?
well, lets take a look at these {beauties}:

the thing i love so much about shoes is, they have a history.
each and every pair.
i always look at people's shoes and wonder:
what were they {thinking} when they bought those?
how much were they?
were they a gift?
were have they been worn?
(some of my shoes have been alllllllll the way across the world.)
and if shoes could talk, what kind of {story} would they tell?
(besides complaining immensly about stinky feet!)
well, the history of the shoes you see above goes like this:
my friend and i went shopping in vegas, she's obsessed with camo print things.
we went into {charlotte russe} (love that store!) and found these shoes.
she tried them on, they didn't fit, she made me try them on, they fit.
then, to live vicariously through me she made me buy them.
i didn't really even like them that much.
that was like 4 years ago.
now, i love them. and i wear them all the time.
so thanks kim. for making me buy them!
{and sorry they didn't fit you}.

shoes and ships and ceiling wax,

{pic by me. on my sidekick phone. uh-hu.}

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