jolly old st. nicholas, lean your ear this way.

(cautin. this may be a picture overload zone. read at your own risk.)
christmas is coming! christmas is coming!
so, what's on my list this year?
i'll show you.
a few items anyway:

so not only do i love naomi/taza's blog, i love her head bands too.
she hand makes them.
its incredible.
(and she models them too. what a talented woman!)

those are 3 of my faves, although really all of them are INCREDIBLE.
(if you went to the link for taza's headbands you can see all these items are SOLD OUT but guess what? i still want them anyway.)

{room decor.}
- string lights 

(either flowers or birds or japanese lantern styled. or even just white.)
- cool lamps/chinese lanterns like the ones found here and here 
- and pretty much ANYTHING from urban outfitters.com (apartment section).

- specifically vans authentics.

(in red, grey, navy, or green)
- dresses. (or patterns for dresses so i can make them!)

- cardigans like this one or this one.
- shirts.

- and please. please. riding boots. like the brown ones found here.

(okay so accessories being hats, purses, belts, scarvs, headwear, tights... yeah.)

and {a gym membership.}
(i need to get buff.)

what are you asking for this year??

and a partridge in a pear tree,

{whew! lots of pics. and here's where i found them: taza headbands, string lights, vans, dresses&shirt)

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