huzzah and hurrah.

hi folks.

the truth is, i'm not new to blogging. not one bit. however, i started this particular blog because my last blog was {dreadfully} boring and made me want to cry everytime i got on it because of how {dreadfully} boring it actually was. therefore, i'm leaving that ole' pile of rust in the dust and starting with a fresh page.

hmmmmm. about me. - yes i really am {Italian}, so my blog title is completely relevant. and yes i am a {hippie} of sorts, so that's ligit too (just to get that out of the way.) uuuuummmmm i'm addicted to Twitter (and if you are too, you can follow me by clicking here. i'll follow you and it'll be a grand ole time.) -- lets see. i love music like regina spektor, jack johnson, michael buble, norah jones, rilo kiley, she and him etc. i especially love listening to these people on pandora because its {free} and offers other good suggestions.

i do have a {semi-dull} life, but i don't mind. the more chill the better. {i'm down}.

don't judge this first post. its 2:30 in the morning and i'm a tired fool. but for now, i'm peacing out. like really. out.

lots of love and stuff,

{picture courtesy of jessica.paige via flickr - in other words, i didn't snap the pic myself and i don't own it. but muchos gracias to jessica.paige who did!}

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